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Bubba Booking was created for activity operators holding out hope for a sold-out tour or an empty rental rack.

We connect in destination vacationers with companies looking to increase participation before departure. Tourists are always looking for a fun and exciting way to explore their surroundings. The problem they face is not knowing where to look. And when they look, they are overwhelmed with information.

Expedia, Groupon, and Trip Advisor have done a great job providing content when it comes to planning ahead, but what happens once you're in a destination? Often times tourists find themselves checking out flyers or speaking to other tourists. Bubba takes the guesswork and manual research out of booking a tour or rental. We map out activities based on a customer’s location happening either today, tomorrow, or later this week, and send them directly to their phones.

Bubba’s software connects suppliers with consumers in the area based on their mutual distance and availability. This means no more blind searching for consumers and no more passing out brochures for suppliers.

Email me carl@bubbabooking.com to get started.

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